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Lithochimeia Presents Poultry Waste Papers at the 2009 International Symposium on Environmental Science and Technology in Shanghai, China

Bert Fisher and Larry Hight presented research papers concerning poultry waste disposal and pollution in the Illinois River Watershed at the 2009 International Symposium on Environmental Science and Technology held at the Songjiang Campus of Donghua University in  Shanghai, China,  June 2-5, 2009 (http://www.isest.com.cn/).  Fisher, J. B., R. L. Olsen, F. M. Soster, B. Engle and […]

Lithochimea Presents Case Studies at 2010 International Petroleum & Biofuels Environmental Conference in San Antonio, TX.

Bert Fisher and Kerry Sublette presented a series of case studies illustrating the use of various techniques to characterize the vadose zone migration of oilfield brine contamination at the 17th Annual International Petroleum & Biofuels Environmental Conference.  The paper demonstrated the use of visual observations, geophysical measurements and the chemistry of soil samples in determining […]

Lithochimeia Presents Study of Poultry Waste Marker Constituents in Edge of Field Runoff within the Illinois River Watershed at the 2010 Governor’s Water Conference and Oklahoma Water Research Symposium in Norman, OK.

Bert Fisher presented a research paper concerning the inorganic chemical markers in poultry waste and how the presence and relative abundance of those markers link the chemistry of water running off poultry waste applied fields to poultry waste and poultry waste contaminated soil  Smolen, M., J. B. Fisher and R. Olsen. 2010. Poultry waste marker constituents in edge […]

Lithochimeia Presents 2011 Poster on Lake Tenkiller Sediment Contamination

KEY SCIENCE RELIED ON IN POULTRY LITIGATION FEATURED IN  Journal of Applied Microbiology Roger Olsen (CDM), Bert Fisher and Fred Soster (DePauw University) presented a poster at the 6th International Conference on Remediation of Contaminated Sediments demonstrating the use of principal components analysis and sediment geochronology to demonstrate the relationship between the chemistry of Lake Tenkiller sediments and the history of poultry waste disposal within […]

Oil and Gas Contamination in Osage County, Oklahoma

In 2000, Osage County rancher and landowner, Don Quarles, brought suit against oil andgas producers for historical and ongoing crude oil and saltwater pollution damage to hisland and groundwater. Lithochimeia reviewed hundreds of well files, well logs, historic air photos, soil surveydata , geologic reports and water quality reports to establish evidence of historic releasesof […]

Carbon Black Contamination in Ponca City, Oklahoma

In 2004 the Ponca Tribe of Indians filed suit against Continental Carbon Company, owned by the Koo family of Taiwan, for damages from carbon black emissions from its Ponca City-based factory. Lithochimeia provided technical counsel to Plaintiff’s attorneys regarding existing sampling data and assisted plaintiffs in conducting sampling in an around the Continental Carbon Company […]

Poultry Waste Contamination of Surface Water in Northeastern Oklahoma

A large and growing numbers of broiler chickens and other poultry are produced within northwestern Arkansas and northeastern Oklahoma. Historically, wastes produced by poultry have been land disposed by simple broadcast spreading near where such wastes are generated. Because of the industrial farming practices employed in the growing of poultry, these wastes contain very high […]

Disputed Groundwater Withdrawal Permit in South-Central Oklahoma

In November 2002, Meridian Aggregates Co., a wholly owned subsidiary of Martin Marietta Materials Inc., applied for a permit to withdraw groundwater from the Arbuckle-Simpson in south-central Oklahoma at a rate of 1,400 acre-feet/yr for dust suppression and crushed stone washing at the company’s aggregate mining operations in Johnston County, Oklahoma. A local grassroots organization, […]

NPDES Permit Dispute near Hot Springs, Arkansas

In March 2006, an individual citizen filed a request for review with the Arkansas Pollution Control and Ecology Commission of a National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permit issued to Umetco Minerals Corporation for wastewater discharge from the Wilson Vanadium Mine. The Wilson Vanadium Mine is a 375-acre site located about 8 miles east of […]

Oilfield NORM Defense, Southwestern Mississippi

Assisted in the technical defense of a large multinational oil company which was a predecessor in interest Mississippi oil fields in which NORM-related claims were brought. The first matter involved assertions of NORM, hydrocarbon and hazardous substance contamination of soil and surface water at an historic production location in Adams County, Mississippi. The second matter […]