• Environmental

    Characterizing subsurface conditions is a necessary component of environmental site assessment and remediation projects. Lithochimeia’s geophysical capabilities provide insight into extent of contaminationsignificantly increase the cost-effectiveness of remediation design, and monitor continuing effectiveness of project approach. 

    Environmental Applications Include: 

    • Soil and Groundwater Contaminant Plume Delineation 
    • Boundaries of Waste Pits and Ponds 
    • Aquifer Characterization 
    • Lithology Mapping 
    • Buried Object Location (UST, DrumsPipelines) 
    • Utility Mapping 
    • Sample and Bore Hole Optimization 
    • Remediation Monitoring 
    • 2D, 3D and 4D Imaging 

    Geophysical Methods in Environmental Applications: 

    • Electrical Resistivity Profiling 
    • GPR 
    • Electrical Conductivity Mapping 
    • Magnetics 
    • Shallow Seismic Imaging 
    • Borehole Geophysics 
  • Groundwater

    Lithochimeia uses geophysics to detect, characterize and map groundwater to estimate groundwater availability, quality and to optimize water well placement and design.  

    Groundwater Applications: 

    • Lithology Mapping 
    • Aquifer Characterization 
    • Water Table Depth 
    • Overburden Thickness 
    • Bedrock Topography 
    • Fractures, Faults and Karst Mapping 
    • Saline Groundwater Detection 
    • Optimization of Monitoring and Production Wells 
    • 2D and 3D Imaging 

    Geophysical Methods in Groundwater 

    • Electrical Resistivity 
    • Electrical Conductivity 
    • Magnetics 
    • Gravity 
    • Borehole Geophysics 
    • Shallow Seismic Imaging 
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