Carbon Black Contamination in Ponca City, Oklahoma

In 2004 the Ponca Tribe of Indians filed suit against Continental Carbon Company, owned by the Koo family of Taiwan, for damages from carbon black emissions from its Ponca City-based factory.

Lithochimeia provided technical counsel to Plaintiff’s attorneys regarding existing sampling data and assisted plaintiffs in conducting sampling in an around the Continental Carbon Company site. Other tasks undertaken by Lithochimeia included establishing the precise latitude and longitude of hundreds of addresses in Ponca City, producing a large variety of custom maps and displays including maps of plume concentrations of particulates based on air quality modeling and preparing an expert report linking the production of carbon black at the Continental Carbon Company site to carbon black found on surfaces outside the boundaries of the Continental Carbon Company site. A second expert report was prepared in rebuttal to certain statistical and chemical assertions made by a one of the Defendant’s experts.

This matter is in active litigation and is scheduled for trial in November 2008.