• Gravity

    Gravity instruments measure the change in the earth’s gravitational field caused by variations in the density of the subsurface and are used to detect and map buried structures such as faults, voids, bedrock topography, and basin geometry. The data can be used to determine size, depth, shape, and composition of subsurface features.  Typical applications include: 

    • Karst Features 
    • Voids and Tunnels 
    • Valley Fills and Subsurface Topography 
    • Faults and other Geologic Structure
    • Sinkhole Detection
    • Abandoned Mine Location
    • Construction & Infrastructure Consultation
  • Magnetic Methods

    Magnetic methods measure the earth’s magnetic field and anomalies caused by natural and manmade magnetic materials.   Magnetic   methods can be particularly useful to image: 

    • Buried Metal Objects 
    • Utilities 
    • Pipelines 
    • Abandoned Wells 
    • Faults and other Structures 
    • Archeological Artifacts 
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