Entries by Matt Mueggenborg

Resistivity Imaging Identifies Potential Contaminant Transport Pathway

Resistivity Imaging maps potential subsurface transport pathway in south-central Oklahoma Lithochimeia was retained to investigate complaints of strong hydrocarbon odors from a spring on in south-central Oklahoma.   Initial sampling indicated the presence of hydrocarbons in waters flowing from the spring after larger rainfall events.   Pipelines transporting hydrocarbons traversed the property up-gradient from the spring […]

Widespread Salt Contamination Mapped on 15,000 Acre Ranch

Lithochimeia was retained to investigate current and historic saltwater releases on a large ranch in northeast OK .  Review of air photos showed numerous areas potentially impacted by salt contamination on the ranch. Lithochimeia conducted frequency domain electromagnetic (EM) Terrain Conductivity Surveys using a Geonics EM-31-MK2 ground conductivity meter over areas potentially contaminated by saltwater […]

Geophysical Investigation Uncovers Hidden Contamination

Lithochimeia was retained to investigate high salinity liquids that had pooled on the surface of a private landowner’s property in Hughes County, Oklahoma.  Lithochimeia was tasked to characterize the extent of contamination and identify the potential source. Client interviews revealed that a large diameter plastic pipe had been recently installed to transport frac water and […]