Steven L. Roche received his B.Sc. in Geophysics from the University of California, Riverside, in June 1978.  He worked for Geophysical Service, Inc. (GSI and HGS) as an Area Geophysicist for the Permian Basin Region of West Texas / Southeastern New Mexico.  In January 1994, Steve returned to school, attending the Colorado School of Mines as a member of the Reservoir Characterization Project (RCP), studying multicomponent seismology and 4-D applications for reservoir characterization.

After receiving his Ph.D. in 1997, Steve joined Output Exploration, the oil and gas exploration division of Input/Output, working on exploration projects and multicomponent seismic applications within I/O.  Additional responsibilities included the testing and analysis of digital MEMS 3C seismic sensors.  In 1999, Output Exploration, LLC (OPEX) became an independent oil and gas exploration company and Steve participated in OPEX exploration efforts in the USA Mid-Continent region.  Steve joined Veritas DGC in February 2003, specializing in multicomponent applications in the position of Principal Geophysicist – Multicomponent Applications Group.  Steve joined Cimarex Energy in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in April 2011 as Manager of Geophysics for Cimarex until August 2017 when he joined the faculty within the Geoscience Department at The University of Tulsa. 

Professional activities include Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG), AGU and GST.  He served as SEG Vice–President on the 1999-2000 Executive Committee; Associate Editor for Geophysics; Seismic Data Acquisition, 1994-2002; and SEG Scholarship Committee, 2005 to 2013.