Blake Redden is the Assistant Scientist at Lithochimeia and brings a diverse and extensive background to work in order to complete projects efficiently and expeditiously while maintaining attention to detail.  After over a decade of being responsible to clients ranging from oilfield supervisors as a roustabout to pediatric patients while a researcher in Medical School, Blake knows that the integrity and determination are as important to a project’s success as knowledge and expertise. 

Blake started at Lithochimeia in 2015 as a field technician, conducting terrain conductivity surveys and executing sampling protocols.  Blake now manages projects from start to finish; developing project designs, ensuring their execution, and processing data into a form helpful and usable by our clients. 

Blake holds a B.S. in Biology from Indian University and a Master’s Degree in Environmental Science from Oklahoma State University.  His graduate work in oilfield produced water risk assessment was published and presented it IPEC in 2017.

Blake lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma with his wife Marcy, son Henry, and daughter Theadora.